How I can help

  • I help my clients to ease their anxiety, stress and emotional issues
  • I offer Reiki which is a form of  alternative medicine called energy healing.  
  • I connect with my clients on an emotional level.
  • I help my clients  choose when they  can’t decide which choice to make 
  • I help my clients gain clarity with my Tarot Readings.
  • l help my clients see what they are worth and who they really are 
  • I try and make my lovely clients understand  how all is not lost.
  • I help my clients to break negative patterns and break free from toxic relations.

Explore the benefits of Reiki healing, Chakra balancing and Hypnotherapy.

When your chakras are balanced you can live life to its full potential. We all are born abundant but with experiences of ourselves and others we develop negative mindset and doubt our capabilities and doubt what we actually deserve. 

When our chakras are balanced and opened we manifest the love, finance and health we were born to enjoy. We become one with the universe and that’s the mantra.

For clarity to get rid of any doubts confusion I can help with tarot cards. Incorporating reiki in my readings and listening to my intuition I tap into my client’s life and what is about to occur. Providing some warnings, some advice and some preparation for the times to come, and healing for the past and present if needed. 

My readings are a gift from my childhood which I never knew how to use or how to make the most of it. Yet I have learned now that everything good or bad in our life is never a coincidence it all has a deeper meaning then the naked eye can see.

For hypnotherapy I can help you overcome any fears phobias or anxiety you must have. Together we will identify the root cause establish goals and work towards achieving them. Be it weight loss, quitting smoking, breaking unhealthy patterns or building a healthy confident mindset. All you have to do is allow it to happen and it will happen with the right kind of help and support.